24 hours in a day and too many projects

Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with too many projects on my plate. Given my recent well paying and mentally stimulating job, I’ve been a bit unfocused with managing all my projects and the need generate immediate income has lessened.

overload-300x260If a consulting client told me they were trying to run three side projects in addition to a full time job, I’d tell them to slow down and focus. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the big picture when you are drowning in the details everyday.

My projects:

1. I work by day for a web development company as the senior SEO/Internet Marketing analyst. I’m creating their SEO department & internal strategy , while managing all Google AdWords Pay Per Click campaigns and clients.

2. I run a physical product eCommerce shop focused on the Gothic niche , conceived in 2004 and launched in 2006. I’m working on launching three other related niche shops on different domains running off my one Magento shopping cart installation and order management system.

3. I created this Digital Nomad blog, to track progress and provide value for others based on my mistakes and ways learned to overcome hurdles in online business.

4. I recently started a consulting freelance business, focused on helping other eCommerce shop owners streamline processes , in addition to SEO, PPC, Research & Conversion Rate Optimization services.

Seeing this in writing , really shows how ambitious this is, perhaps foolishly so.

The idea is to focus on projects that I really enjoy , produce income and have longevity, while having a life.

This prompts two important questions for me to work out.

1. How to turn this blog into a resource that helps others, in a way that keeps it interesting for me and brings in some income.

2. When I think about my WebTree Consulting site which recently launched, I realize how little time I have to promote it AND do the actual client work. I want to use my years of experience as an income stream, but I’m questioning if this is the best avenue for it.

I discussed this at length in a two plus hour phone call last night with my long time  friend Brian Manowitz, the man behind the viral sensation The Vegan Black Metal Chef.  His original viral video has gotten close to two -million views, and earned him mentions in Time magazine, Wired, ABC News, the Washington Post, the Food Network, and more.

Two questions he posed to me, really hit home with my decision making process:

1. Is providing ongoing SEO services something I really want to be doing with my spare time?

2. Why am I always preparing for the worst, even when things are going really well?

Good questions!

I’m holing myself up in coffee shops this weekend to hammer through these questions and emerge with an achievable strategy to only move toward things that are worthy in the long run and I actually enjoy.  While it’s hard to admit to myself, I get too emotionally attached to projects and need to look at them more objectively.

I just turned 37 yesterday, and really need to learn a better work/life balance and do the things which produce the best outcome.

Sometimes sticking to decisions made years ago isn’t the best practice. As you evolve and learn more some things become clearer.

More to come soon….