Another door closes, which one to open?

Will that new door lead to prosperity or more of the stuck in the hallway syndrome?
This is the question on my mind out of both necessity and well, necessity.


For the last 1. 5 years I’ve been employed full time with an SEO/Web Development firm. The company is based a few hours away and I work remotely, often awaking 4:30am driving to the company headquarters once a week. In time, a physical office was opened for me locally, with the intent of growing this side of town and my managing a *team* of people. I would usually manage about 40 client accounts simultaneously for local/national SEO, eCommerce marketing, conversion rate optimization, pay per click, media purchasing , analytics software implementation/analysis and providing actionable recommendations. In my time there I touched well over 100 client websites, while usually managing about $500,000/year in SEO revenue and about $110,000/year in Google AdWords.

Upon hire originally, it was understood I had zero desire to move hours away to the dead city where headquarters was located. Subsequently, I had to find and hire my direct boss on two occasions, since the company needed a leader in my department to be physically in house. Other than this, things seemed to be going great. I got certified in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics, received a hefty raise and good review.

My intuition told me a couple months ago, after hiring my latest boss, I needed to really start saving more money and preparing for *something*. I had let my personal finances get pretty low, as I purchased a bit of physical inventory for my shop. If I can just make it until January 1st I told myself…..everything will be OK.

Sure enough last Monday, I was told either I move right now to the corporate office (some relocation money offered),or I am no longer needed.

Needless to say,  I accepted the small severance check offered and drove back home. The part which hurts, are the several other comments made during this meeting which are untrue and insignificant, which directly clash with nothing but positive feedback given my whole tenure there.

Alas, another one bites the dust, and another case of bait & switch in some respects. Then again, coming from someone who has worked over 30 jobs, I am used to dishonesty and surprises.

 Usually my first frantic thoughts in this situation are :

1. How will I pay the bills?

2. How fast can I get another J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)?

3. Should I both move to a cardboard box studio apartment and either sell my car/get an old beater? Perhaps this is too extreme and difficult in the scalding hot sun of Florida’s urban sprawl. Plus, having no car, would kill the rare, but slowly building social life I have. Breaking my lease and moving to a denser, walk-able city could be the answer….however not just yet without enough income flowing.

 Not this time!

 I refuse to fall prey to the  victim mentality?

In the last week alone, I had a lot of shop sales, booked 5 hours of freelance time and have gotten offers of support toward my freelancing full time.

I estimate being able to avoid needing a full time job for at least 3 months, and possibly more if other financial situations fall into place. Therefore, I’m taking a chance on myself vs. running directly into more of the same work 9 – 5 , while building my income streams on the side scenario.

Is the universe conspiring with me to be successful? I’d like to think so.  Maybe being let go was a blessing in disguise, another stepping stone.

 Here is the plan..

1. I will soon be launching a new business called WebTree Consulting. Using my years of internet business experience since 2004, I’ll be offering services for ethical SEO, eCommerce strategy consulting, PPC management, conversion rate optimization and a host of other related advice and services.

2. Bulk up marketing and product selection with my current shop for the holiday season.

3. Tweak my current shop software to manage multiple eCommerce shops from one installation. I already have three new niche domains secured and suppliers lined up. It will be a matter of doing the design, loading products and testing, most of which will be outsourced.

4. Continue posting my progress here on Digital Nomad Journey.

5. I recently lowered many of my fixed monthly expenses and decreased possessions , and am looking to do more. The $200/mo college loan will go on hold and I may consider moving to a smaller one bedroom. Although I need to contemplate whether a savings of only $200/mo will be worth doing that.

It’s a solid plan, I’ve been working on for years. I think the missing piece has been putting all my eggs in one basket, and not getting multiple streams of income working sooner. I can blame a lack of time or money, but in the end the only answer is……make it happen.

I feel closer to the end of the hallway then ever, with my hand on the door. One door is 9-5 slavery, the other door is a collection of multiple location independent businesses working for me, while I actually live a fuller life.