How I survived potential collapse in December 2011

Recently, things have taken an unexpected and positive turn for the better.

During my last progress update in November, I was on my way to Portland, OR and contemplating how I was going to make ends meet upon return.

I had enough money for November’s bills, but December was looking very bleak.

Light at the end of the path

Based on verbal agreements, I expected a couple projects with my new web consulting business to keep things afloat and make a go of things on my own.

As it turns out,  the couple projects I was banking on didn’t come through and sales from my eCommerce shop, were much lower than expected – yikes!

By design, I put myself in a corner with the rent and several bills being due in just a few short weeks away, and I had maybe a few hundred bucks left to my name.

I’ve been in this type of spot many times before, and somehow always make things happen without asking for outside assistance from family or friends.

Being so close to the wire, I decided to bite the bullet and look for a job. I know what your thinking, is this guy crazy, waiting to look for a job after taking two months off, plus a mini-vacation!

Indeed I must be. Nevertheless, things worked out very well.

Given my experience both personally and professionally in the SEO/PPC/Web marketing arena, I went to a coffee shop and started scouring the net for a suitable position from morning until night for one day only. In this industry, qualified “candidates” are hard to find, and job listings are very scarce. Sometimes there can be just 2 or 3 well paying jobs in this industry posted monthly locally!

After many hours of searching, I managed to find 10 jobs to apply to. Some of them underpaid, and others within the industry average.

Low and behold, not even 24 hours later I got three replies, all from well paying, established firms.
Within 3 days of discussions and multiple interviews I accepted an offer.

Wow. How is that for a stroke of a last minute success!!

With this firm, it’s my job to not only manage all PPC (Pay Per Click) activity internally, but to create a new SEO department and strategy, along with new website content for all these areas. Our client base consists of a lot of Fortune 500 companies, so this is a plus.

This stuff is exciting to me, as I get paid to create something, continue tweaking my skills, while learning things that will directly impact my ability to grow my personal projects.

The environment is great, only eight of us guys in the office, complete with a pool table, dart board, black couched room with an Xbox360 and laid back environment. I put on my headphones, do my job and go home – zero drama or office politics. There is even a flex time system, where I can show up in the morning anytime from 8:30am to 10:15, which is killer.

Right about now you may be asking…

But I thought you wanted to be a location independent digital nomad,  free from a traditional job?

Indeed I do, and this type of work somewhat blurs the lines of convention, since technically this work can be done from anywhere.

I plan to stick it out here for at least another couple of years, for a very good reason.

While I will not reveal my exact salary , let’s just say over the next two year period after covering bills I expect to not only have an extra disposable $30,000 pass through my hands to pay off student loans, but around $50,000 more to pack into savings, as a 2+ year living expense cushion.

Yes, I try to keep my bills and spending as low as possible towards this goal, but I’m not cheap, I still go out and have fun.

At the end of this period, I *should* be 100% debt free, plus have 2+ years worth of savings covered.

Then , I’ll evaluate what the next best action to take is, as I do enjoy the work and environment.  This will give me another 2 years to continue growing a handful of semi-passive income streams, as I will soon reveal in an upcoming post.

Speaking of debt free, Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt, recently launched his 1st podcast, helping others become debt free based on his own struggle and experience.

All in all, I’m very happy how things have worked out, and see this as a golden opportunity to accomplish many things at once, which will have a permanent effect on my quality of life for years to come.