The clock is ticking, the pressure is on..

As mentioned in a previous post, I parted ways with a web development company I was with for 2 years last month. After 125+ hours of development time, I just launched my newest project WebTree Consulting. A company specializing in eCommerce consulting, ethical SEO, paid search management, conversion rate optimization and more.

stress-240x300As it stands today, I have enough money for November’s bills, but I need to generate cash for December, or I’m running on empty. In defiance of the traditional victim mindset, I am not pursuing that traditional “oh shit” , guess I should start looking for another job now routine.

Instead, I am using all the experience and skills I’ve built up over the years and taking a chance on myself. It’s a “jump and the net will appear mentality”. While I am anticipating a couple of projects (between $1000-2,000) to come through this month based upon verbal agreements, it’s still not money in the hand today.

Ironically, I was contacted yesterday from a former coworker who has recently relocated overseas, in the same industry as me, proposing a joint venture. While the attractiveness and details of this remain to be seen, I can’t help but recall the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho’s comment in the book The Alchemist, “ when you set your mind upon a goal, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it.”.

This quote seems awfully coincidental to my experiences of late.

I’m selling more personal items like a camera and desktop computer to raise funds , since I recently obtained a long battery life Asus laptop. I also bring in some income from my eCommerce shop, and the profitable holiday season is soon upon us.

To me, it feels safer to bet the chips on my own competence, than beg for mercy and crumbs from the table of an employer who can sever my income source at any time, for any reason. With that said though, if it comes down to the wire…I will take the job option short term to avoid utter collapse.

Right now, I’m just worrying about month to month bills and creating opportunity, and reducing expenses. The groundwork I’ve laid all these years is helping me be more confident in taking a bold move like this.

This is a new abundance mindset for me. I usually am freaking out (scarcity mentality) when I have no steady paycheck and scrambling for table scraps to keep chaos from ensuing. In the end, what is really the worst that can happen if I fail to bring in income for December?

 Life will go on, and either way I will become stronger from the experience, it’s nothing I haven’t been thought before..

Best case, I keep “just worrying about month to month”, and I lift my head up to realize I’ve made it 6 months on my own accord and then a year.

 When a giant smile and a pint of guinness..

I’ll take a breath and know I’ve made the right, life changing decision.

Having just put down the book I’m currently reading, Chris Gilbuilleau’s The Art of Non Conformity, I’m writing this post from 30,000 feet up in a window seat overlooking the mountains, waiting to touchdown in San Francisco, CA in a couple hours, for an adjoining flight to Portland, OR, where I’m considering relocating.

In fact, just writing that last sentence gives me a sense of euphoria, knowing my path of location independent lifestyle is coming to fruition and falling into place soon.
The many, many years I’ve waited seemingly helplessly in an office cubicle fiendishly planning my escape, is slowly but surely coming together.

 Seven years in fact!

On a side note……

Last month I hosted two couchsufers for a couple nights, who were on a three month trip. If your not familiar with couchsurfing, its a community over 3 million members strong connecting travelers and hosts. Members can choose to “host” travelers by offering up their couch or room for a period of time. Or they can offer to meet someone for coffee and show them around town. This offers a great way for travelers to find free accommodation and meet interesting people around the world.

Now about the couchsurfers…..he was a French fireman living in the states, and she was from directly from France just for this trip. They were hitchhiking across the US, from Texas to Florida across the west to California and back to Texas. We had a great time hanging out for a couple days, sharing stories and going to a local drum circle around a roaring fire. We got into conversation about how new mothers in France get around 5 months of government assistance and actually have their job waiting for them upon return. I found it remarkable, that such a system could be in place. I had heard of this concept originally in Michael Moore’s movie Sicko, but to hear it in person from a native was an extra third party validation.

While every country has it’s positive and negative sides, I am sure we can agree the work obsession in the U.S. is downright unhealthy, uninspiring and unfulfilling. It takes a conscious effort to change this in our own lives, and start creating the life we long for, since we are not blessed with a month or two of vacation time each year.

 The good news is..

by decreasing your possessions, and building a side income, a lot more opportunities open up to you.

So tell me, when is the last time you took a nice long vacation?